Awaken The Hero

Year 2018

Role Developer

Agency Atlasopen & CodeDrips

Youth Suicide is the no.1 killer of young Australias. “Awaken the hero” is a platform that looks to address issues such as youth suicide, mental health, community violence and physical wellbeing in children aged between 11-16. Connecting children with mentors the platform tracking development across five key pillars including Health, Skills, Self-Awareness, Purpose and Connections. Awaken the Hero hopes to empower a generation of young Australian’s to develop a positive personal identity. Lifechanger is a Tier 1 DGR Status Charity with a great team of ambassadors and support.

Lifechanger Foundation approached Atlasopen to help with the following:

  • To design, build and launch a digital platform that’s personal and scalable
  • Meet the precise requirements of the specifications but also make suggestion on areas that could be improved using technology
  • Understand how the platform syncs with the organisations core vision and intimately cater for all user groups
  • Deliver design concepts, illustrations, graphics and incorporate user interface / user experience testing whilst building the platform
  • Build and deliver the technology base that would will work cross platform

Strategy & Implementation

We started with the concept and went through the organisations goals, visions and current digital stack. Acknowledging that we need to move onto some more robust and scalable to meet Lifechanger Foundation’s vision we laid out a pathway with a implementation plan to deliver this.

Technology Stack 

Laravel backend with RESTful API connecting to Front End Gatsby React.js App.


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